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Web Design
We have 3 types of web site packages:-

a)    Search Engine Optimised Site Builder (SEO Site Builder)

b)    SEO Site Builder + Customised Home Page

c)    Customised professional web site

Additional services including Site Builder Hands-on Workshop and e-Commerce Merchant Account are also provided                     

a)    Search Engine Optimised Site Builder (SEO Site Builder)

  • Template based, do-it-yourself tool
  • Client will be able to create their own website, amend & do real time
  • updates by logging in to their online Site Builder account
  • Inclusive of website pages hosting
  • Site Builder tool renewable annually
  • 2 accounts available




No. of Pages




US$208 / RM788

US$448 / RM1,688

Renewal Fee (per year)

US$158 / RM580

US$188 / RM680

Sample Sites






b)    SEO Site Builder + Customised Home Page

        -   eOneNet will insert the contents for 8 pages of template based SEO Site

            Builder Gold Account (which can allow up to 21 pages), plus design additional

            2 customised professional web page

        -   Total 10 pages to be developed by eOneNet, while balance 13 pages will be

            built by client

        -   Site Builder tool renewable annually, and eOneNet will host the Site Builder

            pages and the customised 2 pages

        -   First year at US$758 / RM2,880
        -   Renewal at US$208 / RM780 per year


        Samples : www.CCTVMalaysia.com    www.MalaysiaPhone.com

c)     Customised professional web site

        -    eOneNet will propose 2 designs (after client provides the reference web              design sample) & then insert the images (.jpg / .gif) and contents (.doc)              provided by Client after the design is confirmed
        -    Price starts at
US2,000 / RM8,000 for 10 pages (one-time payment
              for web design) excluding hosting

        -    Includes web site programming for 1 simple contacts us form
        -    Annual renewal of web site hosting package apply


Flash web site design
  B to B websites development

Site Builder Hands-on Workshop

We also provide the following workshop in eOneNet Centre computer lab in

Selangor, for you to learn how to use the Site Builder in order for you to create

your webpages and update your own amendments.

Just add US$25 / RM100 to attend up to 2 classes Site Builder Workshop which is available on every month's :-

    -    First Saturday 9.30am to 12.30pm

    -    Third Monday 6.30pm to 9.00pm

e-Commerce Merchant Account
If you want to start accepting credit cards - Visa, Mastercard - payment from your website, sign up for our third party, e-Commerce Merchant Account

Valid for websites from all countries.

Setup Fee (one-time) : US$265 / RM1,000
Monthly Rental Fees : US$45 / RM160

Transaction fee : 5% (inclusive of bank-charges)
Payment made to customers on a bi-weekly schedule, on the 1st and 15th of  the month

Your website order form will need to be linked to our online payment systems, and these tasks

will be handled by your team (can also be handled by our team at additional charges)


e-commerce web site
  merchant account shopping cart