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Best search engine optimization, & search engine submissions with guaranteed top rankings in popular

search engines like Google search and Yahoo search. Search engine optimisation ensures your web site

will get high search engine rankings, through using seo or sem ( search engine marketing ) experts.

Search engine top positions have been found to drive targeted traffic to your website, and increase the

number of visitors / prospects to your site, resulting in a boost of your online e-commerce store!

As internet marketing experts specialising in search engines placement, we are able to optimise your

website and submit to:-
- Pay per click search engines like Overture & Google Adwords
- Directories like Yahoo directory
- Spidering search engines like Google

Choose your options below and sign up for the best online marketing tool you can use to increase

your website ROI.

a)    Search Engine Submission - Basic

        -   Optimisation of 1 web page with your proposed keywords / search term
        -   Manual submission of your web site to Google, Yahoo! and 5 other popular search engines
        -   Price :
US$250 / RM1,000    BUY NOW!

b)    Search Engine Submission - Silver
        -    Optimisation of 3 web pages with your proposed keywords / search term
        -    Manual submission of your web site to Google, Yahoo! and 5 other popular search engines
        -    Price :
US$500 / RM2,000   BUY NOW!

c)    Search Engine Submission - Gold
        -    Same items on Search engine submission silver package
        -    Create pay per click accounts in 3 of the most popular pay per click search engines

             ( include the one-time setup fee and account creation only )
        -    Excludes the bids and initial deposit required by each pay per click search engines
        -    Price :
US$750 / RM3,000    BUY NOW

d)    Search Engine Submission - Platinum
        -    Submission of your existing English and Chinese webpages to International and China

             search engines
        -    Optimisation of 3 web pages with your proposed keywords / search term per language,

             total 6 web pages
        -    If Chinese language contents not available, translation services available at US$50 per one

             A4 page of translation
        -    Manual submission of your web site to Google, Yahoo!, 5 other popular International

             search engines and 3 China search engines
        -    Price :
US$1,000 / RM4,000   BUY NOW


e)    Guaranteed Search Engine Top 20 Rankings
       -    Choose your search engine submission package and Add this Guaranteed Top 20 Rankings fee
       -    Guarantee period : For up to 2 months
       -    Guaranteed top 20 rankings for your keywords the following rates:-



No. of Competitors

Price per Keyword for Top 20 Rankings in Google and/or Yahoo!



100,000 & Below

US$350 / RM1,400


250,000 & Below

US$600 / RM2,400


500,000 & Below

US$1,200 / RM4,800


750,000 & Below

US$1,800 / RM7,600

Translation Services - English to Chinese
-    Translate your existing English site contents to Chinese in order to target the Chinese speaking 
       -    Charged at one A4 page of contents translation (Times New Roman text size 11 with single spacing)
       -    Price :
US$50 / RM200 per A4 page   BUY NOW!

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