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Here are the different top level domains that you can register with us!
Top Level Domain
Comment (international)
RM280 / 2 years / US$70
Companies / Corporations
RM280 / 2 years / US$70
Companies / Corporations
RM280 / 2 years / US$70
Non-Profit organization
RM320 / 2 years / US$80
RM320 / 2 years / US$80
International Sites
We provide you with additional features & benefits worth over RM400 / US$100 annually :-
FREE Domain Forwarding & Cloaking
You can point your domain name to any IP address or URL on the Internet with either URL redirection or domain forwarding. For instance, www.YourDomain.com will go to www.freehosting.com/clients/~companyname Other companies could provide you this feature for $45 per year.
FREE Email Forwarding
You will get 5 email forwarding addresses with your domain. For instance, sales@mycompany.com or info@yourname.com, etc. can be redirected to any email account you are currently using (eg name@hotmail.com). Some registrars may even charge you up to US$15 for this!
FREE SubDomains
You can have subdomains (for example, www.yourname.com or mail.yourname.com) for your website pages, to lead visitors to go where you want them to. Other registrars are charging this feature for up to $20 per year!
FREE Domain Parking & Under Construction Page
If you do not have a website setup yet we will provide you with an "under construction" page, for FREE. Some registrars could charge you $25 just for a parking page!
FREE DNS Server Configuration
You can choose to use our DNS servers or use your own name servers anytime. There's no restriction as to how often you can change your DNS server information.
FREE Domain Transfer
You may transfer the ownership of your domain to any person without any additional charge. This is great for people who want to register a domain with potential value and resell it to their clients. Other registrars could charge you hidden administrative of up to US$30 when you wish to transfer your domain away.
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